Attic Cleaning, Waste Removal and Sanitising! 





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    Do you keep your belongings in a Dusty, dirty cobweb filled attic? You need our Attic Cleaning Services! Call us today and help protect your treasures from dirt!

    Do you need your Attic Cleaning?

    Attic Cleaning?  How many of us think to ever clean our Attics?  After all its the place where most of us store all our junk, or clutter, or whatever you call it!  Christmas decorations, keep sakes, our children’s old toys, clothes and school books, but how many of us ever think to go up and clean?   Probably not many of us!

    We are confident with our prices that we can be competitive for 99% of Attic Cleaning jobs across the UK!  

    Attics, over time will get full of dust and can become a haven for insects, birds and more ominously rodents!   This means that all of our belongings are getting dirty and suffering from neglect.  At J.A.D Services Ltd we tailor our Attic Cleaning service to suit your needs.

    Have your heating bills have gone up are you thinking of having your insulation replaced? Then we can remove the old insulation and clean ready for the new to go in!  We can also fit new insulation following Government energy guide lines!

    If your Attic has been unlucky enough to have had rodents then you may need one of our more specialised cleans.  We have the skills, the training and the sanitiser to get your attic back to it’s best.   Rodents can leave all sorts of nasty bacteria behind and they do not care where they leave it, the Christmas tree, favorite bauble or even all over your camping gear.

    Where ever rodents walk they leave their bacteria behind!

    At J.A.D Services when we do an Attic Clean after you have had rodents, we not only remove all the mess they leave, but we sanitise the area too, this means your belongings are safe to handle and offer no risk of contamination for you or your family.

    Don’t take the risk call us today for a free no obligation quote and have your Attic Cleaned!


    If you would like a quote for our Attic cleaning services then please send an email containing the following information;

    • Location
    • Size of Attic.  If you cannot gain access to the Attic then you can measure your home from front to back and left to right and we can then determine the size of the Attic.
    • Reason for clean i.e rodents infestation, building works etc
    • Do you have, or require any boarding?
    • Lastly a few photos of the inside of the Attic so that we can see the construction and contents.

    We cover the whole of Mainland UK for Attic Cleaning Services, so please get in touch today.



    Attic cleaning

    Attic Cleaning