Rodents of all types can leave behind mess and devastation, Rat Poop, Mice Poop etc all need our Rodent Mess Clean up Service.

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    We operate our Rodent Mess Clean up Service across the whole of Suffolk, Essex and beyond…


    Rats, Mice, Squirrels, etc can invade our homes at any time for a multitude of reasons.  When they do they will ultimately leave behind a mess, Rodents, especially Rats and Squirrels, can carry a multitude of diseases.  Don’t risk your, your families or your work colleagues health by ignoring the issue.

    Garages, lofts, kitchens all rooms can benefit from our Rodent Mess Clean up service.

    At J.A.D Services we offer a comprehensive Rodent Mess clean up service for when this has happened to you.  From Office Spaces to  Garages to lofts and all rooms in between we will come in and undoubtedly remove all traces of Rodents, droppings, nests and bodies*.  Once we have removed the mess we then clean and sanitise all affected areas. This will unquestionably leave your home or business clean and sanitary.

    Ask about our Rodent Proofing Service…

    As well as our removing all mess we can offer a Rodent Proofing Service against re-entry.  Our team will have a good look around your home/business to discover where the rodents have been coming in.  We then utilise the very best in prevention methods to stop them coming back, or indeed prevent them in the first place.

    As well as this we offer solutions to food storage etc. Rodents are usually enticed into our homes following the smell of food.  Although we may not be able to notice the smell, rodents like many other animals have an very good sense of smell.  Our Rodent Proofing service will emphatically examine all aspects of the rodents entry into your home or business and determine the best way to stop them coming back.

    If all of our suggestions that are given during our Rodent mess clean up are carried out then no rodent will be interested in your home in the future.

    How to recognise if you have rodents in your home;

    Mice poop is small and black, think small black grains of rice.  Rat Poop is considerably larger between 8-15mm long and black or brown in colour.  You will also notice grease stains, usually in smaller spaces, think pipes coming through a wall etc.  These look like dark brown smudges. Mice and Rats will prefer to come out at night so you may not see or hear one, unless they are in the walls or attic when the noise is very audible. Our Rodent mess clean up service can help with all and any aspects of this.

    If you have any concerns call us today and one of our experts will be able to help you.

    Also see our Attic Cleaning page for more details of that service.


    *We dispose of all the evidence in accordance with current guidelines.

    rat poop

    RAT POOP in the attic or anywhere can be toxic to clean up, let the experts handle it.

    Mice poop

    Mice Poop can resemble small black grains of rice.