Trauma Cleaning can take on many forms and all need dealing with by a Specialist company;




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    All Trauma Cleaning is both Hazardous and hard to deal with. Especially if you are personally involved or attached to the incident.  Blood, Vomit and Faeces all constitute a Trauma scene and above all can pose a health risk to anyone who comes into contact with them! It is important that anyone who is not trained in Trauma cleaning, should not attempt to carry it out.

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    Using only fully trained staff and having years of experience, undoubtedly we are the people to turn to in your hour of need!  Don’t take the risk, call us today!  We treat your home or business as if it was our own.  Maintaining strict secrecy and being as low key as possible, we get the job done.

    The affected area must be explicitly cleaned,  removing any risk to health! It must be remembered that We only utilise the very best in cleaning equipment and chemicals! As a matter of fact once our team have finished you can be assured that the area is safe and clean.

    24hr call out into Essex and Suffolk with 24hr response time for emergencies to anywhere else!

    Above all we do our best to leave the affected area clean and free of any soiling or marks!^ Therefore on your return there will be no upsetting reminders of whatever has happened.  Consequently all hard surfaces will be cleaned. However soft furniture will need to be removed, this includes carpets, sofas etc.*  We will of course strive to clean and return any items of emotional or monetary value!

    Many work places will have instances where a Trauma can occur and staff are usually not trained to deal with this. To this end we offer training courses to ensure you and your staff stay safe.

    As well as Trauma Cleaning services we offer training in BBP (Blood Borne Pathogens).  For instance, if you come into contact with body fluids whilst working.  Call us today and see how we can help you and your colleagues stay safe.  We can also offer spill kits and cleaning chemicals helping you stay safe.


    ^ in the event that surfaces have  damage beyond repair, where possible we will remove or replace.
    * Soft furniture cannot be cleaned due to liquids seeping into them.   However JAD Services Ltd takes no financial responsibility for any  items that are removed!
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