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    Black Mould Treatment
    Black Mould Treatment

    Black Mould Treatment and Removal


    We all get it, but what can we do about it?  Black Mould Treatment is not as simple as many would have you believe! Bleach and hot water will not kill Black Mould and could lead to it spreading!  It will remove the surface spores and bleach some of the stain, but by this time the spores will have gotten onto your skin and clothes and will be being spread around your home.   At JAD Services we utilise a specialist sanitiser with an anti fungal property that kills black mould at the root!  This means that once we treat it, it is dead, spores and root!  We then treat it with a bleaching solution that will remove 99% of stains in minutes. Our Black mould Removal system really does work!

    Because we are so confident of our Black Mould Treatment we certificate it for Three months. No other company does this!*


    Black Mould is usually caused by condensation, but in worst case scenarios can be due to water ingress.  In cases of condensation once treated Black Mould will not return to a well ventilated area again.  Where a leak is present we can help you identify where the leak may be coming from and in most cases fix it as well.


    In severe cases of Black Mould it may be necessary to remove wallpaper or plaster to get to all the sources of mould.  In this instance JAD Services will remove and dispose of all waste correctly and safely.   We are also able to replace any items removed and redecorate. As a result once finished you will not know Black Mould has been there at all!

    Health Risks of Black Mould

    Black Mould in a small amount will probably not cause any issues. However a build up of mould or prolonged exposure can have serious health implications.

    The inhaling of Black mould spores has been linked to airway inflammation, nasal congestion, chest tightness, sore throats, chronic coughing, wheezing, skin rashes and watery eyes.

    Black Mould Removal, can improve your health!

    Severe and prolonged exposure has been linked to chronic chest and lung problems. These are made even worse if the person(s) exposed already have existing conditions such as Asthma.

    At JAD Services we offer free no obligation quotes and advice for Black Mould Treatment. Call or email us today, to arrange a visit to discuss how we can help get your home back to full health!

    All our chemicals are completely safe to use and the affected area can usually be accessed within one hour!

    *treatment is guaranteed for three months as long as all our advice is followed!

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    Black Mould treatment

    Black mould treatment