Contamination Cleaning needs to be dealt with by specialist companies!  At J.A.D Services we are trained in all types of Contamination Cleaning, from Covid 19 deep cleans to sewage.






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    Decontamination Cleaning in Essex, East London and Beyond! 

    What is Decontamination Cleaning?  Over the last few months the media have coined the phrase of Deep Cleaning, they essentially mean a decontamination clean.  A deep clean is more akin to a full spring clean of your home.

    At J.A.D Services Ltd we utilise a range of sanitising agents! Because of this you can be sure that we have the right one for the job!†  Our newest agent has been tested to ensure it is 100% effective for Covid 19 Decontamination Cleaning!  We also have agents specifically for Black Mould, Bird Guano, Blood and everything in between!

    We assess which sanitising agent is needed for your issue.  This means that we can facilitate a response time in line with the urgency of your requirements.

    For Emergency Contamination Cleaning in London we operate 24Hrs!

    We utilise a mix of fogging and wiping.    Every surface is treated effectively with our sanitisers.  This means that you get a safe Bacteria/Virus free environment to live, work or play in when we are finished!

    We remove all contaminated materials and  disposed of them correctly.

    We can also offer Cross Contamination training or advice should it be needed!

    Because our staff are fully trained in decontamination work, we offer a service second to none!  We strive constantly to improve and streamline our work so that we can provide you with the best service possible.


    Over the lock down we have seen a rise in numbers of companies offering Covid 19 Decontamination cleaning as a service.  Most of these companies have no training in the work they are doing and are using incorrect chemicals!  Don’t risk your health, Call us today!

    Using a combination of ATP Swab testing and Quat strips* to ensure we have treated the area correctly!


    All of our sanitsiers are tested safe for use around Humans, animals and above water courses, when used correctly! 

    * Quat strips turn from yellow to blue when the desired amount of chemical reaches them, see photo below. 

    See also  Black Mould treatment  and Trauma Cleaning

    Contamination cleaning London

    contamination cleaning london