These are some of the bad practices we have encountered on our travels, all of these photos contain work/jobs that have been paid for by customers.   At J.A.D Services we always do jobs correctly, if we do not have the skill or training to complete the tasks ourselves we will use a third party to ensure it is done correctly.

Please always check the companies you are paying to do work for you, not all are what they may seem to be!

Rodent Bait had been left in an elderly ladies home, in nothing but food bags.  This bait can be extremely harmful if not fatal to the elderly, young and pets.  Placed on her kitchen counter where she was preparing food and in easy reach of her dog she was lucky the bags did not split and spill the bait into hers or her dogs food.

We replaced the bags with the correct sealed and locked boxes and rid this lady of her mouse issue quickly and safely,

Called in to look at a ladies raised decking area in Harold Hill,  Essex this is what we found when removing boards.   The lady had paid a substantial amount of money to a ‘tradesman’ to have raised decking built that she could place a small hot tub on.  She believed the person to be trustworthy, but luckily became suspicious when the decking rocked as she walked on it.  The two images show the worst of the joist supports that had been installed, the others were not much better!  J.A.D Services removed the faulty supports and installed correct ones in there place.  At the same time we also fixed the decking boards in place correctly as this too had been done wrong!