Providing a professional Hoarder House Cleaning Service throughout Essex, London and beyond

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    At JAD Services we understand that everyone has a different story of how they have got where they are now!   We offer a Hoarder House Cleaning Service second to none, tailored to each individuals needs, we work with you to get the result you want!


    Hoarder Cleaning can be a very stressful situation for both the individuals and families involved. At JAD Services we understand this and use our years of experience doing our best to make it as stress free as possible for all.

    It must be remembered that Hoarding can take on a variety of forms and have a variety of background reasons.   JAD Services will meet with the families and/or the individuals to discuss what specific needs they may have to get the situation resolved.  Above all we use our experience and professionalism to help all parties make the decisions necessary to get the homes back to a liveable condition.

    J.A.D Services unquestionably act with empathy and compassion at all times. 

    Many individuals that find themselves in a Hoarding situation have a list of worries when facing up to their predicament.   Worries about being judged, or looked down on; worries that all of their belongings will be removed and they will lose everything are just two.   We understand this and do our best to ensure that you or your family do not need to feel this way.   Hoarding is a lot more common than most people realise. Many of us have neighbours or family that have gotten themselves in a muddle and we have no idea!   Hoarding is surprisingly not just about keeping stuff, magazines, books, nick nacks etc some people find their homes full of waste, packaging, food etc.   A point often overlooked is that a lot of individuals do not even realise they are hoarders their collection having been built up over a number of years.

    In addition Hoarding can come a variety of other issues too; Pests, Rats, Mice, Flies etc as well as Damp and Black mould.  This can then cause health issues due to mould spores or rodent droppings/bodies being present.  JAD Staff members are emphatically  equipped and trained to deal with all and any issues that Hoarder Cleans may entail.

    So how can JAD Services Ltd help you get your life and home back on track?

    • We will meet with you and your families, to discuss with you your individual needs and your end goal
    • Lists of items to be kept are made and emailed to all involved so that no confusion occurs
    • Any items we find that are not on the list, but we consider valuable or sentimental will be discussed with all involved
    • Our staff are friendly and professional, doing our best to keep things as stress free as possible
    • We will do our best to reassure that not everything will be removed. We are here to help not destroy your life
    • Without doubt, at all times the residents needs and state of mind take precedence in our work
    • All items removed are disposed of correctly and in accordance with the law. Where possible we will seek to take items to Charity shops. With this purpose in mind Permission is requested for this from the individuals or families involved


    Call or email us today if you have any concerns that either yourself or someone you know need our help!

     Keeping Hoarder House Cleaning Services Stress free!

    Hoarder Cleaning

    At J.A.D Services Ltd, we offer support throughout the process of getting your or your family members home cleaned. However there is only so much we can do! If you feel you need further help and support please feel free to follow the link below to Rethink Mental Illness.  A member of their team will be able to help.