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Used syringes, needles and other drug paraphernalia are a real threat to ours and our loved ones health, a specialist Sharps Removal team must be called in to remove any evidence of drug use and sanitise the area!

Drug users will share needles with each other meaning that one disease will pass among several users!  These needles are then discarded, sometimes in the most unlikely of places, to be found by us, our children or pets!  We have found needles in bins, waste traps on sinks, in toilet cisterns, under floor boards, children’s play areas and many other places!    All places that someone unsuspecting could put their hand and be jabbed, once jabbed it’s a medical test and then a long wait to find out if you have contracted anything from the needle.  Squatters are especially likely to be users of drugs, but paraphernalia can be found anywhere, not just inside buildings!

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At JAD Services we take Needle Sweeps very seriously, once called in we will isolate the area in question and carry out the most thorough of searches leaving no stone un-turned!   Upon discovery of a discarded needle we immediately sanitise it, our specialised sanitiser instantly kills any and all bacteria present!  The needle is then removed and placed into a secure Sharps container, before being taken for incineration!  JAD Services will not leave any area or property until we are sure the risk to life has been removed!


One Needle can be shared among many users, spreading disease from person to person!!


As licenced higher tier waste carriers JAD Services are able to remove all forms of drug paraphernalia and ensure it is disposed of correctly!


Sharps Removal should be carried out by specialist teams!


How do you know if someone has been using needles or drugs?  Signs to look out for include the following;

1 –  Small clear bags, often used to carry the drugs in.  Not a sign on it’s own but can provide more evidence when teamed with other signs.

2 – Needles themselves, usually a needle will have a brightly coloured piece of plastic attached to its base making it easier to see, however needles will snap and become almost invisible.Needles sweep

3 – Orange Needle caps, these caps sit over a new needle and are removed prior to use, a good sign a needle will be nearby!

4 – Pieces of Aluminium foil or small silver spoons, often used to ‘cook’ the drugs before they are injected.

If you spot any of 2-4 on their own or all four signs together call an expert in right away!  We can be on site in hours of your telephone call if the threat to public safety is high!

24hr Call Out where risk to public safety is high!



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