Professional, Guaranteed work, Ovens, Carpets, Windows, we do it all!

Having your rented accommodation cleaned before handing it back to the landlord is an essential!  We specialise in End of Tenancy Cleans helping you get back the deposit you paid!

Why should you use us for an End of Tenancy Clean?

At J.A.D Services we have spoken to both commercial and private landlords asking what an End of Tenancy Clean should be. We then took aspects from all of the information and came up with a blue print for what we think is a perfect End of Tenancy Clean.

  • Windows – inside and out, where possible
  • Kitchens – Sinks, worktops, floors, tiles, inside cupboards and drawers, on top of cupboards, behind appliances and appliances if they are staying, we also do Oven cleaning
  • Bathrooms – Toilets, Shower cubicles, baths, sinks, floors, tiles, cupboards and mirrors
  • Bed/living rooms – cupboards, drawers, radiators
  • Minor treatment of Black mould is also included†

This is as well as hoovering, dusting, wiping doors, walls and skirting lights and any other fixtures or fittings.

In Addition we can provide carpet cleaning services where necessary and small maintenance jobs to help ensure you get your deposit back! *


J.A.D Services Ltd can also offer Landlords a Bi-monthly check scheme.   We would attend the property on a bi-monthly basis at a time agreed with the resident to have a quick check of the condition in which the property is being maintained.  We have found that although most tenants keep the property in good repair there are the odd few who do not, this can result in costly repairs for the landlord, often more than the deposit and of course loss of deposit for the tenant!   By carrying out bi-monthly checks we can keep both the tenant and the landlord appraised on the condition of the property and any concerns can be dealt with swiftly, minimising costs!  This deal also comes with a free End of Tenancy clean for any tenants over Six months residency.

At J.A.D Services Ltd we believe this scheme will offer peace of mind for both tenant and landlord alike.


*J.A.D Services Ltd cannot take any responsibility for any damage or excessive wear and tear you may have caused during your stay.  We are a cleaning company not a miracle providing service!

†For more serious mould issues please see our Black Mould page

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