Trauma Scene Cleanups can take on many forms and all need dealing with by a specialist company;





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    Any type of Trauma  Scene Cleanup can be both Hazardous and hard to deal with. Especially if you are personally involved or attached to the incident.  Obviously Blood, Vomit and Faeces all constitute a Trauma scene and can pose a health risk to anyone who comes into contact with them!

    At JAD Services we are specifically trained in all forms of Trauma Cleanup. Therefore using our years of experience we are the people to turn to in your hour of need!

    Trauma cleaning is not just about cleaning the affected are, but more importantly removing any risk of cross contamination! Accordingly we utilise the very best in sanitising and cleaning equipment and chemicals. So you can rest assured that our Trauma Cleaning, once completed, leaves the area safe and clean for your return.

    24hr call out into Essex and East London with 24hr response time for emergencies to anywhere else!

    JAD Services will leave the area affected clean and free of any contamination or marks. Without doubt meaning on your return there will be no upsetting reminders of whatever has happened.   Hard surfaces can be cleaned and sanitised, however soft furnishings may and probably will need to be removed for incineration, this includes carpets, sofas etc.*  We will of course strive to clean and return any items of sentimental or monetary value!

    As well as Trauma Cleaning services we offer training in BBP (Blood Borne Pathogens) and how to avoid them.  So if you work in an industry where coming into contact with a body fluid is a possibility please get in touch.


    *Soft furnishings cannot be cleaned due to liquids seeping into them. Although the top layer may look clean underneath will not be.   Consequently JAD Services Ltd takes no financial responsibility for any contaminated items that are removed!
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